N.K.T.National College of Education for Women was established in the year 1966, which is at the heart of the city of Chennai. Our college is housed in an area of 3.06 acres, where a model school is also attached with. It has metamorphosed into a well-established, urban college catering to the teacher educational needs of women from all sections of society. The college offers both graduate and post graduate courses in Education with Autonomous status awarded by the University Grants Commission in the year 1988. With twenty nine years of autonomy, the college has grown upright to great heights as an institution of higher learning in Teacher Education. In its continuous striving for excellence over four decades in achieving position ‘Second to None’, the institution has been successful. Though the challenges and constraints were many, the college has been upgrading its courses on par with the expectations of the society. In endeavouring to attain excellence in Teacher Education, the college has achieved great strides in the academic ladder by upgrading into a post graduate institution in the year 1980, into a research centre in 1983 and by attaining the autonomous status in 1988. Autonomous status of the college provides a great scope for enhancement and enrichment of academics in multifarious directions. The introduction of peer team evaluation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council enables all academic bodies to periodically assess their progress in comparison with similar institutions. This evaluation is a feedback to the institutions aspiring for betterment in Education.

N.K.T. National College of Education for Women has also fallen in line with regard to NAAC peer team evaluation and was awarded a five star status in the first cycle and awarded A Grade with CGPA of 3.26 on a 4 point scale in the second cycle conducted in the year 2011. The College, in this 50th year of its existence, with 29 years of autonomy, remains fully aware and committed to its mission of empowering young women student teachers to face life and its multifarious challenges at both personal and professional levels. To this end, it renews its commitment to maintain quality in Teacher Education, participating in the process of nation building, working for social change and ensuring justice and equity in all aspects of its educational mission, which facilitates our institution to acquire reputation for excellence, inclusiveness and committed service to the teaching community.

Our College obtained No Objection Certificate from Government of Tamil Nadu by G.O.Number G.O.(MS) No. 543, Education dated 15th April 1966. Permanent affiliation status was accorded with our institution in 1966 and based on which 12B and 2F status were awarded to our institution by University Grants Commission in the Year 1976. Due to permanent affiliation status our college have been elevated to the status of Aided College by G.O. No, A 869 dated 20th March 1969 by Government of Tamil Nadu

Recognised by NCTE for B.Ed. vide Letter Numbers F.No.SRO/NCTE/AOS00363/ B.Ed/ TN / 2014-2015/64605 dt:13. 05.2015 and  F.No.SRO/NCTE/AOS00363/ B.Ed/ TN / 2015-2016/68444 dt:26.06.2015.

Recognised by NCTE for M.Ed. vide Letter Number F.No.SRO/NCTE/AOS00363/ M.Ed/ TN/2015/66204 dt: 31. 05.2015


Our Founder, Thiru N.K. Thirumalachariar, who led human kind towards excellence through his untiring educational efforts, was responsible for starting the National Training College for Women, at present termed as the N.K.T. National College of Education for Women. Born on September 17th 1895, in a small village of Thirunelveli District, he became a lawyer and was admitted to the Bar in the year 1919. He had an inborn inclination for public service which was realised through his educational service.

The present N.K.T. National Girls' Higher Secondary School was established by him as an elementary school in the year 1941 which soon grew to become a middle school, a high school and higher secondary school. In order to produce efficient teachers he started the N.K.T. National Training College for Women in the year 1966. Ever since its inception, the college is doing extraordinarily well, winning honors year after year. Within a short span of 52 years the college has expanded and enriched the scope of trained teachers.

Our institution has been fulfilling his dream of reaching the height of comprehensive college of education by way of introducing B.Ed. in Special Education in the year 2003-2004. The secret of his success in the field of educational service was the tremendous amount of conviction he had in love, service, sacrifice, charity and piety. These institutions are ever indebted to him for their present status.

Founder & President


“In the context of contemporary advancement, our vision is to train humanity successfully to meet the evolutionary and revolutionary challenges by integrating the physical, emotional, intellectual, ethical and spiritual potentialities of the teachers of our country.”

  • To develop methods of higher education, student centered and appropriate to the needs of learning to learn, learning to do, learning to be and learning to become.
  • To emphasize value oriented education imparting new dimensions to the role of the teacher by continuously developing professional skills.
  • To enable education broad based fostering constant motivation to learn and develop, both academic and practical competencies in the student population.
  • To enable assessment uniform across nation by establishing testing services using innovative methods appropriate to test curricular and non-curricular abilities.
  • As a learning society, to place a sharp focus on education for all to be preponderant and invest more on higher education simultaneously ensuring effective governance.


(Late) Shri.C.R. Pattabhi Raman, Bar-at-Law)

Dr. (Mrs.) Mano Bakthavatsalam


Mr. Mathew Thomas
Joint Secretary

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