This lab is well equipped with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Over Head Projectors (OHP), Slide Projector, Epidiascope, Television, equipments that facilitate in Teaching Learning Process. Under the guidance of a qualified Audio-Visual Technician, student teachers make use of the centre for instructional training. For the benefit of the research scholars, the college procured SPSS package for data analysis.



Our College has open air theatre with seating capacity of 3000. It has an ancient type drama stage which popularly known as NKT Kalamandapam and open gallery. The theatre houses an extensive back stage area complete with room for the company and technical team.NKT Kalamandapam was one among three stages available in city of Chennai in ancient and medieval period for staging popular dramas which was scripted by the great writers like CN.Annadurai, Cho.Ramasamy, K.Balachander, Kathadi Ramamurthy, and other prominent writers.




Our college well equipped spacious auditoriums that facilitate to organise various regular and special programmes for curricular and co-curricular activities. There are two auditoriums namely Sudersanam Iyengar Hall, and Sarojini Varadappan Hall with seating capacity of 400 each. Also the college has another fully air conditioned seminar hall with seating capacity of 100.


Students are provided with vegetarian snacks, breakfast, lunch and ice cream at subsidised price.


Ventilated well equipped classrooms are available to cater to the needs of students. There 19 classrooms available for the students enrolled in B.Ed and M.Ed courses.

Digitalised Language LABORATORY
With the objective of actively involving students in English learning, A Digitalized Language Laboratory has been developed which could accommodate 30 students at a time.

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology laboratory of the college is well equipped to facilitate student teachers in practicum aspect in psychology. Latest equipments for Performance test and Paper pencil tests are available in the psychology laboratory.

ICT Resource centre

SMART boards have been installed in selected classrooms, LCD projectors and laptops have been made available in all classrooms, hall and laboratories for use by faculty and students. The computers in the entire college are connected through LAN connectivity. The college has a well equipped and updated computer lab which has internet connectivity in all the systems. This computer lab serves as Resource Centre for Government sponsored Microsoft and Intel Training, for the in-service teachers and teacher educators at all levels. Each system is protected with anti-virus software. Internet connection is available in all the classrooms, labs and library.

Subject Specific Laboratories

Our college has well equipped Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Language laboratories to cater to the students need giving priority to their individual differences.


Resource development is another area of focus of the institution. The college library has a vast collection of books, journals and other online resources to cater to the growing needs of the student community. Resources that help students prepare for competitive examinations like Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test, Central Teacher Eligibility Test, Teachers Recruitment Board Examinations, and University Grants Commission’s National Eligibility Tests are also available in the library.



The Career Guidance Cell (Placement Cell) of the College provides training for students to enhance their employability potential, besides to providing information on job availability and fostering partnerships and linkages with the reputed schools for placement. Students trained through our institution are most wanted in reputed schools and colleges of education throughout the country. Due to the initiatives taken by our institution in enhancing the professional competencies of our students with the financial assistance of University Grants Commission during the XI Five Year Plan through 14 merged schemes and academic freedom extended through autonomous status, the college enables the passed out candidates at all levels get into various gainful employment. Most of the passed out teacher graduates of our institution got into government schools through Teachers Recruitment Board by clearing State level Teachers Eligibility Test.


The college was one among a few selected institutions identified by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) for the installation of DSR Antenna in the campus. This technology facilitates Special Education students of this institution to view the special lectures organized by Rehabilitation Council of India with the help of experts in India and abroad. RCI circulates a well planned programme schedule in advance to all institutions which facilitates our institution to make all arrangements to reap the benefits out of all the scheduled programmes by the students. The College also caters to the special needs of the visually challenged students by giving access to computers with JAWS, computerized Braille printer, low vision aids, CCTV, Perkins Braillers, Taylor Frame, Abacus, embossed Thermoform machine, reference books in Braille, Mobility Canes, Signature guide, Crossword puzzle, Tactile Diagram set, Vision Magnifier, Tape Recorder, Geometry set and Recreational Items, Orientation and Mobility Kit, Adapted Physical Education and related materials, Differently abled friendly toilet, and Ramps.


Our College has two women’s hostel, which can accommodate more than 300 students. The hostel has all amenities for students. The hostel committee consists of The Principal cum Warden and Deputy Warden. At least one meeting is conducted every month to pass the accounts, to formulate policies regards maintenance of discipline etc.,


Sports and games involve physical and tactical challenges, and test the player’s precision and accuracy. The Physical Education resource centre is well equipped with modern Gym. It is also well equipped with facilities for indoor and outdoor games.


The growing pressure to excel everywhere often leads to emotional or psychological turmoil, thus disturbing ones peace of mind. Our counselling cell helps the students to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern them. This includes tackling personal, family and peer problems, as well as managing academics more responsibly. The cell is active as we organise awareness programme on the current need of the hour. Also post graduate students of IGNOU take up their internship and help our students in their problems.


Kinaesthetic components of learners are developed in arts and crafts resource centre. Learners, who love making things, will find arts and crafts activities motivating. Arts and craft covers a wide area from simple activities such as cut and paste posters to more complicated projects made from paper Mache to use for their class room activities.




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