01 - Physical Sciences Laboratory

The Physical Sciences Laboratory is adequately equipped and well- ventilated. Apparatus, instruments and chemicals pertaining to Physics and Chemistry topics from Standards IX to XII are systematically arranged and the cupboards are labelled such that their contents can be easily accessed. Electronic kits are also available to perform experiments in Electronics.

Adequate demonstration tables enable students to conduct their experiments with ease. A departmental library with books related to Physical Sciences helps students greatly. The Periodic Table chart and other models pertaining to Physical Sciences adorn the laboratory. Student teachers are trained in getting hands on experience in performing experiments.

An exclusive ‘Science on Wheels’ kit along with a manual helps student teachers of Physical Science educate their students at practice teaching schools to comprehend basic Science concepts through simple experiments with easily available materials. The maxim ’Science is learning by doing’ is emphasised here. Adequate spaced out seating facilitates both lecture and demonstration classes to be carried out. The laboratory has desktops and an LCD screen for technology aided instruction.

02 - Biological Sciences Laboratory

The Biological Sciences Laboratory is well furnished and adequately equipped with provision for both classroom teaching and practical work. Glass Cupboards are neatly stacked with a number of bottled specimens to enable easy identification. There is sufficient storage in the form of wooden cupboards to keep records and notebooks.

Teaching-learning materials, models and slides related to Biology and colourful self-explanatory charts adorn the racks, giving the students the feel of joyful learning. A skeletal system enables student teachers and school students to explore and learn the structure of bones in a realistic manner.

Demonstration tables facilitate hand-on demonstration of Biological Science. An added feature is the departmental library where books related to the subject are arranged in a systematic manner. The laboratory is adept to ensure technology augmented instruction with the provision of an LCD screen. Sufficient spaced out seating accommodates students and the laboratory serves both lecture and demonstration purposes.

03 - Computer Laboratory

Our Institution has a well- equipped Computer Laboratory with computers and internet connectivity. Student-teachers are motivated to use computers and collate information related to theory and practicum. Free internet facility is provided to all the students. Our Computer laboratory has also been a resource centre for Microsoft and Intel training for in-service teachers and teacher educators at all levels.

04 - Psychology Laboratory

Our institution has a well-resourced Psychology Laboratory consisting of more than 200 tests including performance tests and paper pencil tests.

The list of Psychological tests is exhaustive, covering a wide range of topics like Aptitude, Attitude, Attention, Concept Formation, Creativity, Organisational Environment and Management, Intelligence, Interest, Learning, Motivation, Motor Skills, Perception and Sensation, Personality, Stress, Anxiety and Guidance and Counselling. Psychological Instruments such as Mirror drawing test, Span of Attention to name a few. The Psychology Laboratory can accommodate students to attend lectures and perform experiments at the same time. Our faculty have also lent their share of contribution by preparing standardised tools from time to time.

05 - Language Laboratory

Fluency and clarity in communication are indispensable for teachers in general and language teachers in particular. The Language Laboratory facilitates individual tutoring by the faculty as well as self-learning by the student teachers to acquire proficiency in the English Language. The laboratory has computers to enable student teachers to use technology to master the English Language.

There is an LCD alongside for the faculty to make their lectures more interactive. Clarity English Success Software is available for the student teachers to improve on their listening and reading skills. A Flannel board facilitates student teachers to develop their story line and practice their teaching using colorful pictures. This helps them a great deal in their school teaching.

06 - Audio Visual Laboratory

The availability of audio-visual resources for teaching and learning has had far reaching effects in the field of Education. Use of audio- visual resources in the classroom stimulate the senses to assimilate more information and at a faster rate.

Our Audio-Visual Laboratory has a collection of audio-visual instruments used over the years in the field of Education like Epidiascope, Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, Film strip Projector to name a few. Smart classrooms have now taken over and our classrooms are well equipped in this regard. However, the above mentioned audio-visual instruments are shown and the mode of working explained to our student teachers.