01 - Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of NKT takes care of the total quality management and is the nerve centre of the College. IQAC is instrumental in initiating and implementing various quality measures. IQAC Meetings are conducted every quarterly and the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) is also submitted to the NAAC annually.

IQAC of NKT focuses on ensuring quality improvement in the academic process and helps to integrate modern methods of teaching and learning while monitoring the effect of the same on student performance. IQAC also checks on the standards of research undertaken. At every meeting, the IQAC makes a run-through of the activities implemented and the future plans for the next quarterly. Every academic programme goes under the scanner of the IQAC.

Members of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Management Member

Dr. M. Arumugam,


IQAC Chairman

Dr. S. Chamundeswari


IQAC Co-ordinator

Dr. S. Malathi

Associate Professor of

Nominees from Local Society

Dr. Joseph Catherine


Stella Matutina College of Education, Chennai

Senior Faculty Members

Dr. N. Kalai Arasi,

Associate Professor of Computer Science-Education

Dr. V. Jayashree Priyadharshini

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education

Ms. P. Sangeetha

Assistant Professor of English-Education

Mrs. A. H. Komala

Assistant Professor of Economics-Education

Mrs. T. Anitha Devi

Assistant Professor of Mathematics-Education

Dr. T. Sahaya Saila

Assistant Professor of Tamil-Education

Dr. V. J. Uma

Assistant Professor of Physical Science-Education

Nominees from Alumni

Industrialist Representative

Employer Representative

Dr. K. Sai Kumari

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education, Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Saidapet, Chennai.

Thiru J. Siva

Director, Jegan Research Associate Private Ltd, Chennai

Mrs. Seema Ramachandran


Janaki Ramachandran Kalalayam Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Nominees from Stake Holder

Nominees from Students

Senior Administrative Officer

N. Saratha

President, NKT College PTA Association

Ms. E. Jayashree

B.Ed. Student

Ms. R. Rajpreetha

M.Ed. Student

Mrs. V. Pattamal

Junior Assistant


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IQAC Meeting Minutes 2019-2020

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IQAC Meeting Minutes 2018-2019

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AQAR Reports