01 - Research & Development Centre

Research and Development Centre of the College revolves around Educational Research for the development and upliftment of the stakeholders and community at large. The faculty members of the College, student-educators and other research scholars are kindled to identify manifold research problems for testing and validation.

Research and Development centre conduct activities to innovate and introduce new knowledge and services to improve curricular transaction process.

Research and Publications

The well established Research Ecosystem of the College provides ample scope for qualitative and quantitative research in the field of Teacher Education, Educational Psychology,  Pedagogy of School Subjects, Educational Technology, Special Education and School Education. The Research Colloquium of the College undertakes stringent and flexible measures for the development of Research Culture in the premises of NKT by organizing research and development programmes for the faculty members and the budding research scholars of the Institution. Faculty members of the College are motivated to indulge in multifaceted research for newest findings in the educational scenario. The Student-Teacher Educators are also guided through research practices and understandings for enabling newer, rich and varied exposures and experiences. The faculty members and the research scholars of the College publish their research findings and suggestions in the acclaimed journals at the National and International levels.

Major Research Projects

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