01 - NKT Science Club

The NKT Science Club strives and aims to enrich scientific knowledge and curiosity through brave and stimulating activities which make student-teachers responsible and conscious to face the future challenges. Through the activities of the Science Club, learning of Science becomes joyful and inculcates scientific attitude by providing opportunities to use scientific methods in day-to-day living. The ultimate aim is to develop interest in Science.


  • To give students a stage where they can do as many projects and researches as possible
  • To demonstrate that team work is the only way to success
  • To make them exposed to a practical environment in the best possible way
  • To understand the responsibility in conducting awareness programmes for the community

Members of the Science Club

Our Principal Dr. S. Chamundeswari, 120 students and Faculty of our College from the Department of Biological Science and Physical Science  organize the Science Club  activities.

Dr. V. Jayashree Priyadharsini

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education

Dr. V. J. Uma

Assistant Professor of Physical Science-Education

Mrs. V. Sridevi

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education

Dr. K. Nirmala

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education