02 - Guidance and Counselling Cell

The Guidance and Counselling Cell was initiated with the aim of providing services to students and to journey with them in their lives by helping them build more resources within themselves, remove barriers that hinder their growing potential and feel more equipped to find their way in the world.

The Guidance and Counselling Cell caters to diverse socio-economic challenges, specific emotional needs, psychological needs, also the social, and cultural barriers of the heterogeneous cluster of learners. Members of the Guidance and Counselling Cell provide individual counselling at the College as well as online Counselling Services. The counsellors pay attention to each client compassionately and channel them to subsume with their tribulations through reflection and self-awareness. The cell guides the students of the College to enhance their overall personality and ensures that every student-teacher wears a smile on her face after the counselling session.


  • To promote a humane society
  • To facilitate students to unravel their Personal, Academic and Psychological issues
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and special events to assist students in career planning
  • To acknowledge their strength and overcome weaknesses, if any
  • To accustom them in their professional career ahead, and
  • To conduct Psychological testing

The Guidance and Counselling extends the following services

The Counselling Cell functions in co-ordination with the Placement Cell to unravel career steering connected issues. In association with the Physical Education Club, Yoga sessions are conducted for the mental well being of our students every year. Apart from this, extensive services provided are

  • Dealing with behavioral and emotional problems impacting the normal functioning of an individual
  • Individual Counseling
  • Help coping with challenging life circumstances
  • Assessing through Psychological modes
  • Identifying underlying reasons for behavioral, academic and emotional problems employing psychological testing
  • Helping people to develop new ways of relating with one another
  • Disseminating information on courses, careers, professions and specialized studies in India and abroad
  • Conducting Workshops, Guest Lectures and Seminars on Soft Skills and other needed areas

G Form for Counselling Inquiry

Members of the Guidance and Counselling Cell


Dr. S. Chamundeswari



Dr. S. Malathi

Dean of Academics


Ms. A. H. Komala

Assistant Professor of Economics-Education


Dr. K. Vijaya

Assistant Professor of Education