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Grievance and Redressal Cell of NKT

Protecting human rights and safeguarding the dignity of students and faculty should be the utmost priority in the agenda of an institution such that it functions to its maximum potential. The Grievance and Redressal Cell of NKT National College of Education for Women was constituted, to address the Grievances put forth by Students and Faculty members and to find a solution in order that a conducive environment prevails in the institution. The Grievance and Redressal Cell functions in accordance with its objectives.


  • To make the students and faculty realise the support offered by the institution toward looking into their grievances
  • To investigate and review complaints or grievances of students and faculty.
  • To probe into the cause of grievances, however grave they may be
  • To ensure an unbiased effectual solution depending upon the nature of the grievance
  • To create a democratic environment in the campus
  • To make the institution student-friendly

The function of the Cell is to look into the complaints lodged by any student or faculty and judge its genuineness in order to find a solution. The Grievance Cell is empowered to look into matters of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding class room teaching, classroom management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods, infrastructure etc.

Modus Operandi

  • Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the Principal, concerned faculty in person, or in consultation with the members of the Students’ Grievance Cell. In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, grievances may be dropped in writing at the Grievance boxes placed at three accessible points of the institution.
  • The Principal will also meet the student body and the faculty members from time to time and interact with them in an open manner to check if they are doing good. Suggestions are also welcomed and will be implemented if found feasible.
  • The Grievance Cell will act upon those grievances received and work towards a probable solution. The Grievance Cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in the earliest time possible.
  • Apart from all this, the Grievance and Redressal Cell meets twice a year to address the issues put forward by students and faculty members and the minutes of the meetings are recorded.

Student Redressal Committee

Welcome! to the Student Redressal Committeeof N.K.T.National College of Education for Women. This form is managed by the Office of Student Grievance and Redressal Cell of our College. Please fill out this form as completely as possible. If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact our staff directly at 9940116770

Although a student submitting a Grievance report is not obligatory to provide any personal evidence,we extremely acclaim that you provide, at least, an email address where you could be communicated,if imperative if there are trail questions or responses that may be significant or essential.

Members of the Grievance and Redressal Cell

Dr. S. Chamundeswari


Dr. N. Kalai Arasi

Associate Professor of Computer Science-Education

Dr. S. Malathi

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. V. Jayashree Priyadharsini

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education

Mrs. T. Anitha Devi

Assistant Professor of Mathematics-Education

Dr. T. Sahaya Saila

Assistant Professor of Tamil-Education

Dr. Deepa Edwin

Assistant Professor of Physical Science-Education

Dr. V. J. Uma

Assistant Professor of Physical Science-Education

Ms. E. Nivethana

Assistant Professor of Special Education

F. Sajeeda Parveen

Student Nominee from B.Ed.

B. Haleema Rahmath

Student Nominee from M.Ed.