03 - NKT Literary Club

The NKT Literary Club of our College, bursts with activities and tasks especially for the students of Tamil Literature and English Literature. This club started chiselling to greater heights in a very short span.


The Club facilitates the learning of various skills associated with Literature and Criticism. Students are involved in Dramatization, Poetry Writing, Reviewing of Novels, Plays, Autobiographies, School Text Books and Supplementary Readers. They are given minor tasks like interviewing different known or unknown personalities in their community or family circle. Debates, Quizzes, Extempore, Slogan Writing, Role Modelling, etc., find their suitable slots during the class hours.

Students of different Pedagogies are motivated to indulge themselves in various programmes conducted in our institution like Oratorical competitions, Just a Minute, Extempore, Poetry Recitation, etc. Being a Teacher Education Institution, our students are involved in Poster Making on LSRW Skills. After the advent of ‘‘Regulations, Norms and Standards 2014’ by the National Council for Teacher Education, the Literary Club of our College decided to include ‘Development of Mini and Compact Dictionary’ by student-teachers in their respective subjects, as a part of one of the courses under Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies.


  • To familiarize students in the art of Communication and Writing
  • To acquaint students with activities related to Literature
  • To enhance the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of all students

Members of the Literary Club

Ms. P. Sangeetha

Assistant Professor of English-Education

Dr. T. Sahaya Saila

Assistant Professor of Tamil-Education