03 -NKT Centre for Outreach

The NKT Centre for Outreach caters to the students of NKT Girls Higher Secondary School and other neighbouring schools by providing reading and leisure time activities for them. Many kids drop in after school hours, to benefit from the same. The Centre for Outreach includes the Ambulimama Library, the Indoor Games Area and the Thiruvalluvar Padasalai.

Ambulimama Library

This library is a treasure trove of books ranging from subjects to fiction in both Tamil and English. Kids from schools nearby make full use of this facility and these students cherish reading books. This library is open after school hours, during which the students relax after their long hours of learning in school.

Indoor Games Area

Children after school hours enjoy playing indoor games such as Carom, Chinese Checkers and also traditional games like Pallanguzhi. Playing games after long school hours will serve to refresh the mind of students by giving them a fresh burst of energy, Students from NKT School and from schools nearby come rushing in to play their favorite games. The prime motive behind Indoor Games is to discourage students from staying glued to their mobile phones.

Thiruvalluvar Padasalai

This facility aims to provide a quiet learning environment for school students who miss out on a quiet place of study and what’s more!!!these kids can clear their doubts in subjects of study from the student-teachers available there. Academically weak students are also helped out with their learning difficulties.

Academic Outreach

Outreach is a blend which engulfs theory and practice, institution and society. In tune with the University Grants Commission, our college has sworn to reach our immediate society with extended knowledge and institutional resources. Faculty members are encouraged to perform outreach teaching by extending their classroom beyond the institution’s premises and into the society in order to involve their students in service learning and teaching.

Adhering to the norms prescribed by Indian Higher Education regulators like MHRD and UGC, we understand that our College must carry out extension/outreach activities like Adult Literacy, Literacy for Children, activities related to Women Empowerment, etc., through various programmes including public workshops, public lectures, etc. Our College has been conducting Adult Literacy Programmes in the name of MANAR and Basic Education like Alphabets, Basic Arithmetic, etc., are taught to the learners.

Social Outreach

We understand that we, one of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)in the country, are bestowed with the responsibility of societal development through dissemination of knowledge and awareness. Higher Education in India has repeatedly emphasized this fact that HEIs must take initiatives and attempt at integrating advanced knowledge and skills with larger social concerns. We are expected to frame objectives to accomplish national missions of reflexive learning, engaged teaching, collaborative research and service, instilling a sense of active citizenship in students and also teachers in order to give an exposure to community needs and problems present in different socio-economic and cultural groups.


Under the 12th Plan Guidelines, UGC had launched a scheme on ‘Establishment of Centres for Fostering Social Responsibility and Community Engagement’, which briefs the importance of Colleges connecting to their societies to ensure the latter’s overall development. Assimilating the Guidelines of Higher Education Authorities, we realize the need for a new model of social outreach that must reach out “beyond being an ‘extension’ of curriculum, and evolve into an integral component of learning processes in higher education serving the larger goals of nurturing students into active citizens.”

Thereby, our students are trained/educated in a way that they become conscious, aware and accept their roles and responsibilities towards the society they live in, and thus contribute to the development of our nation as responsive citizens. Thus, our institution continuously strives to reach out to the community through research and need based interventions. Adhering to the norms prescribed by Indian Higher Education regulators like MHRD and UGC, our College carries out extension/outreach activities in the form of specific programmes like Gender Equality, Human Rights, Protection of Environment, Health Awareness, Peace Education, Communal Harmony etc.Seminars, Lectures, Field Trips, Awareness Programmes, Debates, Competitions, etc, are consistently organised during the stretch of the academic years.