04 - Differently Abled Club

'I Am Differently Abled, Not Disabled'

The NKT Differently Abled Club was established in the year 2018 with the motto of Endeavoring the Excellence of the Differently Abled Students. The Differently Abled Club aims to promote an accessible and culturally sensitive campus through outreach programmes, thereby building awareness to the community.

The focus on the inherent talent is the cornerstone of this Club and is dedicated to quality, influential career guidance and visionary work which has led to uplift the welfare of the differently abled students. The prevailing mission is to cultivate society in a transformative way retaining the diverse needs of empathy and compassion, reflecting inclusion and integrity towards the differently abled community and ensuring every individual to achieve their full potential. Important days are celebrated pertaining to differently abled people such as World Disability Day, White Cane Day, etc., in the Institute and also in the neighborhood in order to create awareness about the capabilities of differently- abled persons.


  • To advocate the rights, freedom and interests of persons with disabilities
  • To implement various programmes aimed at the prevention of disability
  • To implement social inclusion programs focused at addressing the social needs of people with disabilities
  • To promote in persons with disabilities, artistic expression and recreation through cultural events and projects
  • To educate society to help solve problems and emerging issues relating to persons with disabilities

Members of the Differently Abled Club

Ms. E. Nivethana

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Dr. A. Selvi

Assistant Professor of Special Education