NKT Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The NKT Alumni Association falls in line with the objectives of fostering educational and social interests of the alumni through meetings. The Alumni Association aims to promote interactions and camaraderie among the alumni, faculty and the Management.

The NKT Alumni lends its support to the institution to achieve its cherished goals, vision and mission. The Alumni provides an opportunity to reconnect with the Alma-mater. The NKT Alumni has members of high caliber, who are in high positions in the educational scenario and other fields too. The Alumni lends support to us in all our endeavours.

Office Bearers

Dr.K.Sai Kumari

Assistant Professor of Biological Science-Education, Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Saidapet, Chennai.

Dr.Deepa Edwin

Assistant Professor of Physical Science-Education, N.K.T National College of Education for Women, Chennai.


Assistant Professor of Economics-Education, N.K.T.National College of Education for Women, Chennai.


Principal, N.K.T.National College of Education for Women, Chennai.