Basic Facilities

The High walls of NKT National College of Education for Women surround and safeguard the premises of the College from all directions with a high-rise Gate facing north. Institution security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in education environments. A safe learning environment ensures overall development of students and security and safety are always of the utmost importance on the College campus.

There is a dedicated room for the Security personnel by the side of the gate, vigilantly scanning the entrance. The College is under the surveillance of cameras installed in all directions and in all places, including College Entrance, Parking Areas, Play Grounds, College Office & Principal Room, Examination Unit, Pathways, Library, Madaboosi Sudarsanam Iyengar (Multipurpose Hall), Padma Bhushan Sarojini Varadappan Hall and Kamala Nehru Women’s Hostel. Fire extinguishers are also an integral part of the institution. They are drilled in almost all places for unforeseen emergencies and for safety and security of material and human resources.

The College is situated in Triplicane, at the centre of Chennai District and it’s a thickly populated place with low and high commercial establishments. Hence, there are unexpected power cuts in this part of the city especially during the summer months. Hence, for continuous academic and academic related and outreach activities, the College maintains a 125 KVA Generator for uninterrupted power supply. The College has also a mobile generator to support outdoor activities.

The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled with high speed internet connection to allow the students, faculty and administration staff to access the internet no-matter wherever they are. The coverage is not just limited to the classrooms; instead it extends to all the facilities including Hostel within the campus premises.

Accessibility means uninterrupted mobility for all to reach their fullest potential. Students and other people with reduced mobility, permanent to impermanent disabilities, like pregnant women, senior citizens, children and youth, have the right to inclusive and accessible environments. This means equal opportunities for all, in all aspects of life, from education to work. All the buildings in the institution are provided with ramps for ease of movement for all. As the creation of accessible institution buildings alone will not provide appropriate access to education for all students, the abilities of students with disabilities are greatly enhanced with appropriate assistive devices and technologies to support their learning needs.

Providing access to drinking water gives students a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. As adequate drinking water facilities helps to increase students’ overall water consumption and maintain hydration, the College has RO Drinking Water Facilities. Educational Institutions play an important role in both promoting healthy eating habits and ensuring that the food provides healthy, balanced and nutritious meals. The College has a Canteen that plays an important role by catering to the daily nutritional requirements of students and staff members. Rest Rooms with incinerators are available in the Campus. There is a Special Restroom in the campus for the benefit of the Differently Abled. A Separate Gents toilet is also available.

At our College, the well being of learners is of utmost importance. The College provides direct nursing services to learners and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the Institution. The College infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of students and staff while in the campus. An on-site trained nurse is available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during the College hours and help access to further treatment. Further, the physical fit of students is checked and reported every year by an authorized lady doctor.

The College has adequate provision for storing additional supplies related to Teaching-Learning, Administration and Campus maintenance. There are five Store Rooms situated at various places in the campus.

To avoid vehicle congestion inside the campus, the College has a spacious Parking Area in the front to accommodate both Four-Wheelers and Two-Wheelers.

Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social wellbeing of children. Playgrounds are a vital aspect of healthy development, providing a place for students to get a full-body workout, including exercises that strengthen their physique and to deal with their emotions and reduce stress levels. A huge Outdoor Playground is available in the Campus and the ground has facilitated many students to climb the victory stand at various Collegiate and Intercollegiate Sports Meets.

In the year 2019, the College has established two vital centers (NKT Centre of Excellence & NKT Centre for Outreach) in its premises to cater to the needs of our student-teachers, students from our model school and community at large. The NKT Centre of Excellence aims at fostering the student-teachers by providing them all possible additional inputs needed to excel in their teaching career. In these lines, Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test (TNTET) coaching is extended to the second year students while online courses offered by MHRD on SWAYAM Platform to the first year students. The NKT Centre for Outreach has under its umbrella, the Ambulimama library furnished with adequate storybooks, inspirational books and comics, which are motivating the children to use their after school hours productively and cultivate appropriate reading habit in their formative years itself academically which are providing platform for the students to develop their Psychomotor skills and Habit Formation. NKT Indoor Games centre is equipped with equipments pertaining to conventional and modern games to sharpen their ability to think and apply. Thiruvallavar Padasalai is specially set up to help the students of our model school by our student- teachers who are academically under achievers because of which those students are facilitated to attain their scores as per their abilities and capacities.