Our Classrooms are well maintained, spacious and ventilated with enough windows and more than two doors in most of the classrooms. They are 29 in number. The classrooms are equipped with adequate lights for artificial illumination and more than required fans. ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is our dictum.

Our Support Staff maintain cleanliness of the classrooms, rain or shine, dusting, sweeping and also mopping at regular intervals. The Classrooms are provided with dustbins for collection of dry solid waste which facilitate ease of disposal.

Black boards, green boards white boards are fixed in the classrooms. Flannel Boards are found inside and outside of the classrooms for pinning of information related to academic, scholastic, non-scholastic, Awareness Articles and Posters, etc. In order to promote technology-based teaching and learning, classrooms are provided with LCD screens on the wall or movable screens. Classrooms have adequate furniture that are well spaced out for added comfort.