01 - Madaboosi Sudarsanam Iyengar (Multipurpose Hall)

The College flaunts the presence of a large Multipurpose Hall, which is an embodiment of age old days and it stands straight as an epitome of Tamil Culture, and a place for cultural programmes of the Community. The Madaboosi Sudarsanam Iyengar continues to hold all the vital programmes of our College, our Management, our Model School and the Community at large.

The College hosts some of the programmes of our affiliating University, Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, from time to time, in the spacious Multi-Purpose Hall. The College, together with Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, was privileged to host and conduct the Preliminary Programme of ‘Introduction to Regulations, Norms and Standards 2014’ by the National Council for Teacher Education. Theoretical Examinations and Practical Examinations of the College are conducted in the Multipurpose Hall and it is also the Centre for the conduct of Examinations and Evaluation of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University.

Programmes intended for the Community like Awareness Programmes, Medical Camps, National Days, National Leader’s Day, etc., are held within the walls of the Multipurpose Hall and some of the programmes of the Government of Tamil Nadu are also conducted in this venue. The College feels proud to quote the privilege and honour given to the institution by the Government of Tamil Nadu that the Multipurpose Hall acts as a depository for storing the ballot boxes before all the Constituent Assembly Elections.

The Multipurpose Hall is highly aired as it faces the Sports and Games ground to its left. It has 6 large doors which are three folded and there are 14 window vents towards the ceiling, for additional air flow. It has added fans and the hall are brightened with lights. The hall is housed in a built up area of 2880 sq.ft. (267.65 Sq.mt.) with embossed stage and seating capacity for more than 600 audiences and the stage can accommodate 30 persons. This hall has revolving Camera, two Projectors, Movable LCD, LCD Screen, additional boards.

02 - Padma Bhushan Sarojini Varadappan Hall

Padma Bhushan Sarojini Varadappan Hall was built in the year 2009-2010 with the aid and support of our Society, Sriman N.K.Thirumalachariar National Education Society, Just above the Madaboosi Sudarsanam Iyengar Hall.

The hall was named after the former President of the Society, Padma Bhushan Dr. Sarojini Varadappan, who was also the former President of All India Women’s Conference and the author of her Autobiography, ‘Everlasting Reminiscences! My Rhythm of Life’

Padma Bhushan Sarojini Varadappan Hall hall is housed in a built up area of 2880 sq.ft. (267.65 Sq.mt.). It is a well-ventilated and adequately furnished hall with a seating capacity of more than 600 people for any academic and academic related purposes. It has a raised wooden platform for an eagle’s view. The hall has an interactive board, 2 green boards, a movable green board, electronic podium, well equipped audio system, Split LCDs, LCD screens, and a revolving camera. College Assembly, Guest Lectures, Examinations, and various other scholastic programmes are organised in the Padma Bhushan Sarojini Varadappan Hall.

03 - Seminar Hall

A well equipped air-conditioned Seminar hall with a built up area of 763 sq.ft. has been constructed to conduct the various Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposium and Faculty Development Programmes. The hall is also utilized for Ph.D. public viva voce Examinations. The hall has a seating capacity of 100 members. It is well furnished with a smart board, public address system, LCD with Screen, Electronic Podium, additional boards and all other audio-video facilities.

04 - Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall in Vaijayanthi Block is dedicated to all College Official Meetings. The hall is equipped with a conference table with 40 chairs. It has LCD and LCD screen and all other audio-video facilities for smooth conduct of presentations and meetings. A designated cupboard is also present in the meeting room for storing the essentials required for a meeting.