Shri. N. K. Thirumalachariar

Founder & President

Our Founder, Shri. N.K. Thirumalachariar, had a strong conviction that the education of girl children will create a prosperous nation. He led humankind toward excellence through his untiring efforts and his motto of love, service, sacrifice, charity and piety.

Born on September 17th, 1895, in a small village in Thirunelveli, he rose from a humble beginning to a lawyer par excellence. He had an inborn inclination for serving the downtrodden in society and this was realized through his untiring efforts to create an Institution that educates girl children. Shri. N.K. Thirumalachariar was admitted to the Bar Council in the year 1919. His profession was instrumental in him gaining acquaintance with the philanthropists and the elite in society. He went about asking for contributions towards this noble cause.

N.K.T. National Girls’ Higher Secondary School was started by him as an Elementary School in 1941, which soon grew to become a Middle School, High School and finally reached the status of a Higher Secondary School. He did not stop there, it was his burning desire to start a College to produce efficient teachers for the students of this school. Thus, the N.K.T.  National Training College was established in 1966. Ever since its inception, N.K.T. National College of Education for Women is steadily growing in all aspects, be it Curricular, Teaching,  Evaluation, Research or Outreach. Over a period of 55 years, efficient women teachers, trained to face the challenges of the Educational Scenario and responsible to shape young minds have stepped out through this portal. We are ever indebted to our Founder for what we are today.