Vision & Mission


To Build Human Development, to Meet the Evolutionary and Dynamic Challenges in the Society by Integrating the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Ethical and Spiritual Potentials of Future Teachers of our Country.


To Achieve Optimum Quality and Competency of our Student-teachers by imparting Knowledge and Education, by adopting Well-defined Pedagogy and Advanced Training Methods and by carrying out Impactful Research and Development in Education

Value Framework of NKTNCE

To promote and nurture the following core values among faculty, students and other stakeholders:

  • Expediting National Development as facilitators by accelerating holistic development of all individuals
  • Cultivating competencies and prowess for Global industry and Community development
  • Ingraining human values with humanitarian nerves and professional ethics in an ethical environment through learning exposures and experiences
  • Adopting ICT innovations in all corners for integrated knowledge acquisition
  • Augmenting excellence in all endeavours in tune with our motto, ‘Second to None’
  • Advocating UGC’s Quality Mandates for all round development of students and faculty

Value Framework of NAAC

To promote the following core values among the HEIs of the country:

  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering Global Competencies among Students
  • Inculcating a Value System among Students
  • Promoting the Use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence