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E-Resources @N-LIST

American Institute of Physics [18 titles]
Annual Reviews [33 titles]
Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) [1 title]
Indian Journals [180+ titles]
Institute of Physics [46 titles]
JSTOR [2500+ titles]
Oxford University Press[262 titles]
Royal Society of Chemistry [29 titles]
H. W. Wilson [3000+ titles]
Cambridge University Press [224 titles] (2010-2016)
Cambridge Books Online [1800 titles]
E-brary [150000+ titles]
EBSCoHost-Net Library [936 titles]
Hindustan Book Agency [65+ titles]
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS)Books [382+ titles]
Oxford Scholarship [1402+ titles]
Springer eBooks [2300 titles]
Sage Publication eBooks [1000 titles]
Taylor Francis eBooks [1800 titles]
Myilibrary-McGraw Hill [1124 titles]
South Asia Archive [through NDL]
World e-Books Library [Now available through NDLI only]

Open Education Resources

Free Thousands of free Books To Read Whenever & Wherever You Like
Project Gutenberg: Free eBooks  Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks
Goodreads: Thousands of free Books To Read
Bookboon: Empowering you to succeed academically and professionally
Sparknotes: Studying Simplified
SHODHGANGA: A Reservoir of Indian Theses@INFLIBNET
OATD – Open access theses and dissertations
American Economic Association: Free e-journals
Contemporary literature
DOAJ: The Directory of Open Access Journals
Sage Journal: Your gateway to world class research journals
Oxford Academics: Essays in Criticism
Highwire: The largest independent scholarly publishing platform
Indian Academy of Science
Directory of Open Access Books36,788 academic peer-reviewed books from 602 publishers
Open Access e- books
Libguide: Open Access eBooks
Scribd: the largest digital library – ebooks online
Springer open Journals
E-PGPATHSALA: A Gateway to all Post Graduate Courses
North Central Library open Access e- books
Open J-Gate: Access to Free Journals
OAISter: Access to Free Journals
OAJSE: Open Access Journals Search Engine
Google Scholar: It provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature
Journal TOCs: Research alerts service with the biggest collection of scholarly journal Tables of   Contents from 30000   journals, including 12000 selected Open Access journals.
Feedreader Online: It is an RSS aggregator  for you to read and organize news and updates from all your favourite websites in one place.
ezyZip: Create a zip archive of your files online in your browser
Google Translate:Google’s free service WebPages languages. (a semantic search engine) 23.5 Crores documents
Get The Research: Find and understand peer- reviewed research papers
JURN: Search   millions of free   academic articles, chapters and theses